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Thread: Guidelines for sharing songs and playlists

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    Default Guidelines for sharing songs and playlists

    Only post charts and playlists in the forums directly from your app using iReal pro format.
    Share>Forums (or Post to Forums) so they can be downloaded and opened directly in the editor.
    Don't use attachments or other file-sharing site links.

    Sharing Playlists

    Imagine for a moment if every member posted the same songs in *random* playlists over and over starting separate threads each time. The Forums would quickly become overloaded with duplicates and searching the forums would become more difficult.

    Also, because of slight differences in the charts, downloading the various playlists can result in many duplicate titles in your library.

    Post personal playlists with previously posted charts in the SANDBOX forum.
    Admin will purge posts in the sandbox from time to time.
    To archive your playlists, use personal email, Dropbox etc.

    Your post(s) may not appear in the forums right away due to anti-spam measures.
    Please be patient.

    Sharing Songs

    The main song forums are for the benefit of all and you are encouraged to share NEW (to the forums) songs and arrangements.
    Remember to include composer information on charts posted in the forums.
    Google is your friend...

    Share different versions of already posted tunes (arrangements, alternate changes, reharms, "as played by's" etc.) in the discussion thread for that song. Please don't post them in the main playlist "sticky-threads".

    Please use the search feature (magnifying glass icon at the top of the page) to check before posting.
    If there is not already a discussion thread for that title, you may start one.
    (Title: <song title - composer name(s)>)

    Composer name(s) are not enclosed in parentheses in iReal pro.
    Parentheses are used for describing performed by versions as part of the song title or to clarify an ambiguous title.

    Presenting a consistent format and style is important. It improves the user experience and reduces confusion when attempting to convey information.

    The iReal pro forums has (for the most part) developed and maintains a consistent look and feel despite of thousands of different contributors. To accomplish that requires everyone's cooperation.

    It's best to share NEW (to the forums) songs ONE AT A TIME (in the most appropriate forum*) in their own (titled) song-thread to make them easy to find, download and discuss. Please don't post them in the main playlist "sticky-threads".
    *most appropriate forum:

    Posted charts should conform to our Lay-out conventions:

    It's ok to share a playlist of songs by a single band/artist/composer.
    (Identified in the title: "<artist name> Songs"

    Exercises from a specified instructional book or series should be in their own thread.
    Be sure to provide a link to where the book(s) can be obtained.
    If you are only posting one titled song (even if it is a great exercise), it should be in the song discussion thread for that title. Be sure to include correct composer info on the chart.

    Multiple versions of songs would be less of an issue if when posting a re-harm or alternate version, members would include some source information or description:
    "here's my own version using different changes” or "as performed by <artist name>" or "from Vanilia Book 3” etc.

    When possible include a brief descriptive label in the chart's song title too. That helps members identify different versions in their libraries.

    All Of Me (Sinatra) - Gerald Marx
    ...title......(version) - composer(s)

    When a new user searches for a title and is presented with several choices, the additional info is helpful.

    Post new songs and alternate versions you want to share as described above.

    Charts and playlists cannot be posted in Albums. Albums are only for photos, not music charts.

    Posting your original compositions:

    Please remember to use the SANDBOX for temporary personal use, gig-lists, transfers and testing.

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