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    The Ram - Spirit Animal Tattoo Sessions

    You can listen to these songs here:

    Here are the iRealPro Charts

    1.Keep Warm - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    2.Love Is a Terrible Thing to Waste - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    3. Motor Kine - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    4. All's Not Gone - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    5. Looking at the Moon - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    6. Ode to Brothers and Sisters - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    7. Do It Right - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    8. Come Easily - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    9. Kick It Back - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    10. Road Runner - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    11.Dancing Fingers - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    12.Space Cowboy - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    13.New Day Dawn - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    14.RagTop Car - The Ram (The Ram, OD Soul, Inc)

    About the Artist

    The Ram is a singer songwriter based out of North County San Diego, CA. Part of traveling means we play with musicians from all walks of life and exposure all sorts of different genres, styles, and instrumentation. We recognize iReal as a powerful tool to get charts easily to anyone who's got an instrument handy. It's freedom for the singer-songwriter to pivot, working with a collective of musical talent as apposed to managing a working band in a specific genre or class of music.

    Why Transpose and Use iRealPro

    All of this effort is merely an exercise in documentation of the creative songwriting process. The charts are hand written on the iRealPro desktop client in the studio, and added to the forums for easy distribution to mobile devices. To compliment the iRealPro chart and backing compiled video, demo recordings, and lyrics are organized for reference of both the performing musician and the songwriter. This is what it looks like on the Ram Learn Page. Its by no means anything to write home about and is very much a work in progress, but its a start to keeping on top of ideas as they arrive. Hopefully this gives insight and properly illustrates what we are trying to accomplish in staying organized and on top of songs and melodies in the ideation process.

    Next Steps

    This is INDIE music, and iReal is as an important tool as the guitar itself. All of this work is a precursor to road testing the music in live venues, then recording and distributing the recordings in a timely manner in 2019. It also is an excuse to learn and understand MUSIC XML while incorporating more MIDI into the mix. As each song evolves, this is a first step along the path of registering each song through ASCAP and distribution through CD Baby.
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