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    These are two Rolling Stones playlists with songs I used to perform (live with band) - one is unverified, meaning stuff I put together hastily or got somewhere (some from forums) and never checked thoroughly, the other is "done" (structure verified as per recordings).
    I preferred playability to readability because I used them to study, so they might not really be beautiful charts to look at...
    Have fun! (I know I did)

    Rolling Stones (11)

    Individual songs:
    Love Is Strong - Jagger-Richards
    Midnight Rambler - Jagger-Richards
    Jumpin' Jack Flash 1 [verify] - Jagger-Richards
    Get Off Of My Cloud TODO - Jagger-Richards
    Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jagger-Richards
    Loving Cup - Jagger-Richards
    Sister Morphine - Jagger-Richards-Faithfull
    Jumpin' Jack Flash [verify] - Jagger-Richards
    Salt Of The Earth - Jagger-Richards
    Satisfaction TODO - Jagger-Richards
    Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) - Jagger-Richards

    Rolling Stones [done] (33)

    Individual songs:
    Rocks Off - Jagger-Richards
    Let's Spend The Night Together - Jagger-Richards
    Start Me Up - Jagger-Richards
    Black Limousine - Jagger-Richards
    Wild Horses [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Brown Sugar - Jagger-Richards
    Sympathy For The Devil - Jagger-Richards
    Let It Bleed - Jagger-Richards
    Let's Spend The Night Together [Still Life] - Jagger-Richards
    Dead Flowers - Jagger-Richards
    Doom And Gloom - Jagger-Richards
    Don't Stop - Jagger-Richards
    Miss You - Jagger-Richards
    Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) - Jagger-Richards
    Under My Thumb - Jagger-Richards
    Shine A Light [Stripped] - Jagger-Richards
    Happy [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Paint It Black - Jagger-Richards
    Sway [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Bitch [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Street Fighting Man [Stripped] - Jagger-Richards
    Streets Of Love - Jagger-Richards
    It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Jagger-Richards
    Sweet Virginia - Jagger-Richards
    Tumbling Dice - Jagger-Richards
    You Can't Always Get What You Want - Jagger-Richards
    Gimme Shelter - Jagger-Richards
    Already Over Me - Jagger-Richards
    Beast Of Burden - Jagger-Richards
    You Got Me Rocking - Jagger-Richards
    Honky Tonk Women - Jagger-Richards
    Angie - Jagger-Richards
    Respectable - Jagger-Richards
    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones

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    Gimme Shelter - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    Honky Tonk Women - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)


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