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Thread: Unable to access Forums through app

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    Default Unable to access Forums through app

    I'm unable to access the forum from within the app on my android cell phone. I can access the forum through my browser. Is there a reason why the forum can't be reached through the iRealb app?

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    This is the the first time I've seen this issue posted. It may be specific to your device.

    Please email directly.
    Include your device info and app version.
    Also list the steps you've already tried: close/reopen app, device power off/on etc.
    Make sure you backup your iRp song library and playlists before trying a re-install of the app.
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Please post here when and how this is fixed.
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    I just did the update and the forum is back up as usual. Thanks for your response, Ray
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    Thanks Ray!
    That's great.


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