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Thread: paste from one tune to another one

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    Default paste from one tune to another one

    HI...I"m wanting to do a version of Days of Wine and Roses, where it appears twice, total 32 bars and half way thru it changes up a m3. This is a common way to play that tune. Is there a way to copy from one chart and paste into another one? OR is there a more effective way to do this?
    Starting from the 16 bar version doesn't allow me to add 16 more bars. Interesting dilemma .....It can be done from scratch, for sure, but that won't be all that fun.
    I'm probably asking for too much, and exposing my tendency to be lazy, but knowing that this is NOT possible (pasting from one chart to another) would let me stop trying to figure this out.


    jon kip, who is at present starting to make the above mentioned chart from scratch.

    the redo from scratch was so fast that i've already accomplished the task, BUT it would be fun to know if we can paste from one file to another..thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonkip View Post
    it would be fun to know if we can paste from one file to another..thanks
    Yes you can.
    It's usually best to always edit a DUPLICATE so you won't loose any files.

    Open the paste-FROM chart in the editor.
    Use "set and transpose" if you need to "fix" the key.
    Highlight the measures you want to move to another chart....COPY
    Close the editor.
    Open the past-INTO chart. Edit a DUPLICATE.
    You can now paste the contents of your hidden clipboard into the displayed chart. To replace existing measures, highlight them, then PASTE.

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