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    (Not Android specific)

    Playing with repeats is often surprising. I cannot explain why this song plays C | F G C F A | F G C F A | F G C F A instead of C | F G F G F G | C F A .


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    The answer is here

    With the player repeat set to ONE, the coda acts as you expect (only once at the end) whether the symbol is used alone, as a pair or in conjunction with a DS/DC instruction.

    In order to more fully utilize iRp's single page format, when multiple player repeats are set AND a DS/DC instruction is used the coda becomes part of the form and is played every repeat (instead of only the FINAL time)
    This feature is often used for ABC form tunes where the C-section is an extended A-section.
    Invitation - Bronislau Kaper

    To make your chart play: In,A(AAA...)In,A/coda you could write out the In,A/coda and include it as the coda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxdjazz View Post
    Darn. I read that document at least 10 times before posting my question here, and still I missed that one crucial sentence...

    Thanks, Bob. As usual

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    As features are added, complexity increases.
    Surprises are, um,
    Like the first time you forget to turn a practice function (like auto-key-change) "off".
    Don't ask me how I know.
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