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Thread: Count down compatible with Bluetooth

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    Default Count down compatible with Bluetooth


    The countdown needs something to awake Bluetooth before it starts and keep it awaken during countdown, for instance a very low level white noise starting shortly before the countdown and lasting until the instruments start playing, otherwise countdown clicks can get "eaten" because Bluetooth shuts down during silence. That's especially nasty at slower tempos.

    I'm a trumpet teacher (from northern Italy) and during the last few years I showed iRealPro to hundreds of pupils, many of which bought it. It's a great tool, keep on the good work!


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    We have already added a white noise but it only kicks in if you have certain Bluetooth device names.
    Could you please check this FAQ and send us the model and name of the Bluetooth speaker you have?
    In case you can edit the name of the speaker, let us know.

    Please email us directly at

    Thank you!


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