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Thread: Klezmer songs

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    Default Klezmer songs

    Nakht in Gan Eydn, A - Harry Kandel

    For melody try a web search - and look for a Youtube performance by South Coast Simcha Band.

    Der Mirjambrunnen - Traditional

    The melody can be found in All Time Klezmers Book, by Joachim Johow

    Sherele - Traditional, arr. Tummel
    Not the most economical form - I've duplicated the A section to have the player give ABAC.

    Araber Tantz - Unknown Composer
    Lots of versions on Youtube - including Brandwein from 1920s.

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    Default Klezmer songs

    Klezmer 30 (32)

    Individual songs:
    Ajde Jano - Unknown Composer
    Alte Sirba - Unknown Composer
    Araber Tantz - Unknown Composer
    An Alter Zhok - collected by J Engel 1912
    Bessarabian Hora - Unknown Composer
    Biserka Bojarka - Serbia
    Bobover Nign - Unknown Composer
    Broyges Tanz (Dance of Anger and Reconciliation) - Traditional
    Chava - Unknown Composer
    Dobranotsh - Trad. arr. H Netsky
    Firn di Mekhutonim Aheym - Traditional
    Flatbush Waltz - Traditional, arr. Andy Statman
    G minor Sher - collected Beregovski
    Golden Khasene - Unknown Composer
    Happy Nigun - Unknown Composer
    Hava Nagila (simplified) - Hasidic, popularised by Abraham Idehlson
    Der Heyser Bulgar - Unknown Composer
    Honga - Unknown Composer
    Jeff Warschauer's Piece - Unknown Composer
    Jovano Jovanke in 3-4 complex rhythm for 7:8 - Unknown Composer
    Klezmatics Nign - Klezmatics
    Der Mirjambrunnen - Traditional
    Moshe Emes - Unknown Composer
    Nakht in Gan Eydn, A - Harry Kandel
    Oriental Hora - Unknown Composer
    Patsh Tants - Traditional, arr. Christian Dawid
    Russian Sher (Sherele) - Traditional, arr. Tummel
    Scholem Sol Sajn - Unknown Composer
    Tanz, Tanz, Yidelekh - Unknown Composer
    Terkisher - Unknown Composer
    Ve David (instrumental section) - Unknown Composer
    Zemer Atik (Nigun Atik) - Unknown Composer

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    Happy Nigun 1 - Giora Feidman vers. - Traditional
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