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Thread: Gypsy Jazz

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevemartinshaw View Post
    In the gypsy jazz pack should there be an acoutstic guitar as I cannot get this on my settings
    When you select a sub-style, the backing instruments are pre-set. The Jazz pack>11 Gypsy jazz uses a guitar instead of piano (the mixer section will still say piano, but in this case the volume changes the guitar volume.)

    Some other sub-styles use different bass sounds, different guitars, accordion etc. (all are currently locked into that sub-style.)

    (ref: iReal book iOS v3.0.4, Mac v1.1)

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    Default Bel dir war es immer so schonn

    Can anyone post this song?

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    Default Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schoen

    Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schoen by Beckmann-Mackeben


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    Here's a few more tunes:
    Playlist containing all 33 songs:
    Gypsy Jazz 15

    Individual songs:
    Alembert's by Henri Crolla
    Belleville Rendez-vous by Charest-Chomet
    Boum! by Charles Trenet
    Brise Napolitaine by Guerino-Peyronnin
    Continental, The by Conrad-Madison
    Dark Eyes (w intro) by Trad.
    Destinee by Romane
    Dicty Glide, The by Duke Ellington
    Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead by Harold Arlen
    Eel's Nephew, The by Bud Freeman
    Frolic (Curb Your Enthusiasm) by Luciano Michelini
    Good Old Days (Little Rascals) by Leroy Shield
    Gypsy Dreams by Boulou Ferre
    I Wanna Be Loved By You by (Kessel) Stothart-Ruby
    If I Only Had A Brain by Harold Arlen
    Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now by Fats Waller
    Kolomeike by Dance Ukrainian
    La Folle by Ferret Pierre 'Baro'
    La Folle (Valse Perurienne) by Rivgauche-Cabral ala. E Piaf
    La vie en rose by Louiguy
    Midnight In Moscow (Moscow Nights) by Solovyov-Sedoy-Matusovsky
    Mimosa (Gypsy alt.) by ala Schmitt-Winterstein
    Minch Valse by Baro Ferret
    Mon Dieu (ala E. Piaf) by Vaucaire-Dumont
    Muppet Show Theme, The by Pottle-Henson
    Ne Me Quitte Pas by Jaques Brel
    Padam...Padam by Glanzberg-Content (ala E Piaf)
    Panique by Ferret Pierre 'Baro'
    Passion (alt) by Tony Murena
    Porto Cabello by Django Reinhardt
    Que Reste-t-il de Nos Amours 2 (verse) by Charles Trenet
    Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat by Rene-Rene-Scott
    Stumbling by Zez Confrey

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    Could anyone post the tune Acroche-Toi Caroline it was a TV programme in the UK very cool swing tune. Thanks

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    Sorry that's the wrong info the song is left bank 2 the gallery from vision on

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    Hi, thanks for posting all of these Gypsy Jazz songs, here's My Sweet by Django, and Stephane:My Sweet

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    Thanks for posting these, I was just about to start figuring out Alembert's!

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    Great! Thanks

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    adding "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans". Don't know if this is a Gypsy Jazz tune per se' but seem like it could be. Love the Basie sextet version with the stunning Prez solo....

    Way Down Yonder In New Orleans


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