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Thread: Gypsy Jazz

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    A Little Love a Little Kiss - Adrian Ross-Leo Silesu
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    Liebestraum - Franz Liszt
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    Les Valseuses - Stephane Grappelli
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    Default Hot Club de Pai and Jason Shooster

    Jason (25)

    Individual songs:
    Claudia's Bossa - Jason Shooster
    Awaken - Jason Shooster
    Charly and Me - Jason Shooster
    Cmin To g Thing - Jason shooster
    E Maj Song - Jason Shooster
    E Minor Swing - Jason Shooster
    Éclaircie - Jason Shooster
    Em11 Tune - Jason Shooster
    Epilogue - Jason Shooster
    Espiritu Libre - Jason Shooster
    F Minor Waltz - Jason Shooster
    For Mulatu - Jason Shooster
    Frogs - Jason Shooster
    G Min Thing - Jason Shooster
    G Thing - Jason Shooster
    Get Up and Go - Jason Shooster
    Helt Sikkert - Jason Shooster
    Le Sneeze - Jason Shooster
    Movement - Jason Shooster
    Overture - Jason Shooster
    Playin' Hookie - Jason Shooster
    Sam Roi Yot - Jason Shooster
    Sighișoara - Jason Shooster
    Valse De Isara - Jason Shooster
    Yedi Denizler - Jason Shooster

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    Default Valse de Wasso - Wasso Grunholtz

    Valse de Wasso (Jimmy Rosenberg) - Wasso Grunholtz


    Another slightly different chart from the "Japan Django Book"

    Valse de Wasso db - Wasso Grunholtz


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    Swing à Bellevue by Moreno Winterstein

    Swing à Bellevue - Moreno Winterstein

    Goes together with this transcription:
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    Hi Jon, thanks for your chart.
    Please remember to enter chords on iRp charts in the 1st space in the bar unless there's a special reason to do otherwise.
    Chart Layout Conventions

    Bar Repeat Signs, Slash, N-C- - Example - Example


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    Default Si Tu Vois Ma Mère

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    Default Traces De Loups (Wolf Tracks) - Romane

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    Emaline GS - Frank S. Perkins, Mitchell Parish

    Emaline GS 1 - Frank S. Perkins, Mitchell Parish


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