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Thread: Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz - Part Deux - Richie Vitale (book)

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    Default Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz - Part Deux - Richie Vitale (book)

    Hello jazz fans, students, aficionados and friends,

    I’m very excited to continue my book series with “Modern Patterns & Warm-ups for Jazz - Part Deux" which can be pre-ordered here:

    It is the yellow book on the right and I don't accept any simply brings you to a link and I'll notify you when it's published so don't worry about being charged anything

    I’ve just now completed my first YouTube video which uses patterns from this book you can view here:

    The playalong for Dahoud is here: Daahoud Playalong - Clifford Brown

    I've also started a brand new Patreon page that can be viewed here that helps me defray the cost of making my videos that you can view here:

    I appreciate all the support fans around the world have given me and all the joy that iRealPro has allowed me by its ease of use, playalong sounds and lists of songs. It allows me more time to make my videos and practice.

    Thank you for your time and Happy Practicing!!!
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    Default A Lyrical Approach - Supplemental Books 1&2

    Great job Richie!
    An excellent companion to your book "Lyrical Approach"

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    Lovely to have feedback about iReal Pro and how it is being used. Thank you for supporting us all.

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