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Thread: Some songs from forum playlists do not appear on main song list

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    Default Some songs from forum playlists do not appear on main song list

    It doesn't seem to happen all the time, but when I download a playlist from the forums, the songs on that playlist sometimes do not appear in the main song list; this is an issue because I'd like to add those songs to other playlist, and it comes as a surprise when I try to create a new song, and am told that the song already exists, so then I have to search through all the playlists. It seems to happen most with the Jazz 1350 playlist.

    My questions:
    1. Is there a way to get the songs from downloaded playlists to appear on the primary song list? (Under "Songs")
    2. If not, what dictates which songs can appear on the main song playlist, vs. which songs can only be on the downloaded playlists?

    Thank you!

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    I am not sure what you are experiencing.
    When you download a list, it is added to playlists. Also each chart is checked by your app and if not an exact duplicate of an existing chart, it's added to your song library. If the title is a duplicate but the chart is different, the app appends a number to the new chart's title and adds it to your library.
    You have a chart XYZ in your library.
    You download a playlist with the identical chart. The playlist is added, your library is unchanged.
    If you download another XYZ chart (in a list or not) that is not identical to your existing chart, it will be added to your library as XYZ 1. (and so on) your title numbers may be different from mine.

    If your editor won't allow you to use a title that already exists, include an additional identifier code/initials/description in the title. Even a period (.) added to the title will make it different and the editor will allow it. eg. XYZ.

    If your app is in fact behaving in a strange way, admin may have more questions to aid in troubleshooting the issue.
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    What should be happening is any imported song or playlist will import and then list in the Songs index (except for any duplicates) automatically.
    If this occurs again, you could look at the smart playlist "Last Imported" (with large playlists, it will not list all the songs imported)and check various songs have registered (listed) as being imported.
    Yes any new songs having been imported should then be able to be Searched for and listed.

    Reinstalling the app might clear it, if it is some kind of corruption within the app. You could run a backup (making sure all the songs you use are actually in the app (if you have a spare device, you could import the backup and double-check all your songs and playlists are there), then trash the app and download it from the Playstore (it will be free), then import your backup.
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    dflat, that's more what my issue is; the imported songs are not appearing in the Songs index, and thus I can't search for them or add them to playlists.

    Although, I did just discover that I can add a song to a playlist directly from the song editing window, which largely alleviates my issue.

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    This is very strange. Are you sure they have been imported ... in other words they list in the smart playlist "Last Imported".
    If they are listing there, you can add them to any playlist from there (probably as you are already doing).
    But good you have worked out a way around this.

    As suggested, you could backup, delete the app, download, import backup.
    We have had some problems with certain devices, models such as Nexus, where, if importing a playlist from Drive twice in a row might cause problems. This is solved by force quitting the app or sometimes swiping it to close the task in the Recent apps menu.

    You could use the Contact us in More>Help and we can look into this further. We would need some details of your device and what you are exactly doing so we can look into this.
    Thank you.

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