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Thread: Putting your name on a chart as arranger

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    Default Putting your name on a chart as arranger

    I've been here like a lot of you for a long long time and it seems to me most folks don't stick there name on a reharm that they have done. Maybe Somebody named TOM has a bunch of his versions and I put the name of whatever person I do a chart for just to keep it straight . Like "Wave" Alan.

    This guy actually put his name on a chart as arranger on a tune that I'm pretty sure I transcribed and posted.
    It kind of bugs me. It's not really an arrangement anyway!
    You're A Mean One, Mr- Grinch - Albert Hague (arr. Ryan Schwartz)
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    Don't post a playlist as the songs in a Realbook if the changes aren't from the book.
    If you do transcribe changes from a book put it in the title RB1, RB2, GGB, Sher, etc

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    Some folks add their own initials in the title. (JE - thanks for all your work Jer)
    I'll add the initials of the singer or band I prepared the chart for.
    Some put their name and website or contact info on the chart using text in the editor.
    Just remember to include the correct composer name(s) in the designated space in the editor.
    Uniquely identifying info on charts is waaaay better than the automatically assigned numbers which can vary between devices.
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    One other thing: most tunes have "standard" changes that are either the composer's original changes or those in the fake books. Often I and other posters submit chord charts with non-standard changes or with intros/outros/solo choruses, etc and we want other users to be aware that the harmony or the structure of the tune has been significantly changed. Thus, I post tunes that have been changed with something in the title (usually (k rev) or (k ver) for a revision or a version) to alert myself or someone else that the chart is "non-standard." In that way, a standard chord chart will not be replaced by a non-standard chart by accident. As Bob indicated, placing singers or soloists name in parentheses after a title for a specific performance is often done. All this to avoid confusion by other users of non-standard charts.


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