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Thread: I cant buy blues rithym

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    Default I cant buy blues rithym

    Helo i hace problems to buy a blues rithyms on My iPad. I neeed help thanks

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    * check you are logged in to your Apple ID account
    * if you are logged in and it fails, log out, then log in again
    (iPad, iPhone Settings, Apple ID at the top, or equivalent if not iOS11)
    * check Payment and Delivery Settings for payment.

    * check you have access to the App Store with your Apple ID
    (iPad, iPhone...App Store, top right, tap on your personalised icon)
    You can log out and in here also.

    *check you are connected to Internet, wifi or mobile data.

    Specific information in here, iReal Pro, More>Help>Help and Support>Purchases.

    In iReal Pro, More>Store, Extra Styles ... do you get an error? Can you send us a screenshot?
    You can contact us directly within the Help section at the bottom “Contact us”.

    I hope something here helps.


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