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Thread: Billie Holiday songs

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    Default Billie Holiday songs

    I noticed that the version of Detour Ahead in the 1200 tunes is the Bill Evans version. After listening to some vocalists like Billie Holiday and Mark Murphy do it, I discovered a different set of changes.

    Detour Ahead (Billie Holiday) - Herb Ellis
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    Default Billie Holiday songs

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    Default Billie Holiday songs

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    Default Billie Holiday songs

    Say It Isn't So - Irving Berlin (Billie Holiday)

    Say It Isn't So - Irving Berlin

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    Me, Myself and I
    By Irving Gordon, Allan Roberts & Alvin S. Kaufman

    Like Fred Astaire, Billie Holiday had the privilege of introducing a great many standards, and this is one of the most charming. It was written by former song parodist Gordon, with lyrics by Roberts and Kaufman, his collaborators at Mills Music, then the largest independent song publisher in the world. Gordon was also responsible for Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable".


    Me, myself and I
    Are only loving you.
    We all think you’re wonderful, we do.

    Me, myself and I
    Have just one point of view:
    We’re convinced there’s no one else like you.

    It can’t be denied dear,
    You brought the sun to us,
    We’d be satisfied dear,
    If you belonged to one of us.

    So if you pass me by,
    Three hearts will break in two,
    ‘Cause me, myself and I
    Are all in love with you.

    Recorded By:

    Billie Holiday

    Benny Goodman
    Tony Bennett
    Lester Young
    Bob Howard

    Me, Myself And I (Are All In Love With You) - Irving Gordon 1937


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    Sugar Arr- Ken Ackley - Joe Young George W Meyer

    Joe Young also wrote the songs in "Me And My Gal".
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    Default Billie Holiday songs

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    If You Were Mine (Billie Holiday) - Mercer-Malneck

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraDrion View Post
    Does anyone have, or know where to find, a chart for this tune?

    Thank you in advance!!

    "Without Your Love"
    Performed by Billie Holiday
    Was composed by John Lange-Fred Stryker

    A chart, no, but the chords, yes.

    The recording is hard to hear, but this is, as they say, close enough for jazz.

    Without Your Love - Lange and Stryker

    Jerry Engelbach
    Pianist • Arranger • Composer
    Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
    Music Website
    Art Website
    The Internationale Website


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