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Thread: Deleting song - WAIT!! Song is in use in playlist

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    Default Deleting song - WAIT!! Song is in use in playlist

    I am cleaning up my song library. Of some songs I have duplicates, slightly different versions, band related chords and ones with ugly chords.
    When I trash a song that is duplicate it will disappear for the library. Very good! (Band related chords have a band name in the title, they’re safe)
    Now, when I want to trash a sheet because I know I have better one BUT it is or might be used in another playlist (could well happen) this sheet will disappear from its playlist thus messing it up!

    Is there a way to let the user know that a song is in use in a playlist? And maybe connect an action to the trash action like “you will be deleting a song from the playlist. Asign a substitute title to the playlist”
    A log file might help to. Maybe on playlist basis? Like the exclamation mark in iTunes when an audio file is missing but the Index still contains (the link to) the song/music file.

    Any ideas or workarounds?


    Jan (amsterdam)

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    Jan, this is an interesting problem. What I do to preserve a playlist is to back it up on my computer's hard drive immediately after I play the gig by sending it to my computer as an email attachment. In that way, if I delete a version of a song in a particular playlist from my iPad, I have a copy of it on my computer. I often have various versions of the same tune, usually for different singers, and like you, I always add a note in the title with the singer's name. When I do a clean-up, I know I can always find a copy on my computer. Of course, this means that I have lots of iReal Pro files on my hard drive. However, each playlist takes up very little space, and storage capacity on hard drives is really inexpensive, compared to the bother of losing a valuable copy of a particular iRP arrangement.

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    Yes, it would be nice to be able to list all playlists a song belongs to before deleting it


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