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Thread: weirdness with multiple endings in "B" section...

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    Default weirdness with multiple endings in "B" section...

    Greets all. I'm trying to construct a practice chart for a whole song solo I'm playing this month. It's Alfred's Willow Weep For Me arranged by Kris Berg. I've gotten all the chords and symbols for what I thought was the proper arrangement of sections, endings, ds al, and coda.

    On playback, the "B" section is acting funny. It plays ending 1, both measures, then plays ending two, both measures. Repeats. Then it plays only measure one of ending one then measure two of ending two.

    I'm stymied. Help?

    Willow Weep For Me - solo - Ann Ronnell

    iReal Pro - MAC - 8.3.1

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    See if this works as you intend

    Willow Weep For Me - solo 1 - Ann Ronnell

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    It works as intended. I'm looking for differences and I see...

    - proper section letters (thank you)
    - !! I placed a repeat at the end of the 2nd ending !!
    - !! I placed an ending indicator over each of the two measures in each ending !!

    Ok! Things learned! Thanks Bob!

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    And cosmetic...
    using S/N
    Separating the coda

    The player ignores and skips past blank measures....what's the purpose of the blank "a tempo" bar?


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