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Thread: Somebody Somewhere - Frank Loesser

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    Default Somebody Somewhere - Frank Loesser

    I’m looking for the charts for the song Somebody Somwhere from The Most Happy Fella, as sung by Doris Day. Can anyone help?
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    The sheet music is available here:

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    I don't know if the Doris Day version is available separately. You'd probably have to transcribe it from the recording.

    Kelli O'Hara sings it exactly as it appears in the original score:

    Here's my interpretation of the chords in the score. There are a lot of passing notes in the original comp, which alter the chords momentarily, so this chart can only be an outline.

    I've included the Intro, which is supposed to be played rubato, but iReal Pro can't do that of course.

    Somebody, Somewhere - Frank Loesser

    If I were to play this song I would change a number of the chords to make it more of a jazz tune.

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