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Thread: transfering my own song when I reset my phone

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    Default transfering my own song when I reset my phone

    Hello, is it possible to transfer my own song somewhere when I reset my phone ?
    Because I've just done it and I lost all the songs I had recorded by myself on the phone.
    I have recorded all the sheets in pdf in my computer but I can't import them back to my phone...

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    Make a backup of your iRp library and playlists. You will find the backup utility in the MORE section.
    Save the file to your Drive account.
    Re-import from there.
    iReal pro can only import files in iRp format. The app can create but not import pdf's.

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    You can also upload your files to Dropbox and download to another device. It's free. Just open an account. You have to install Dropbox again when you reset your phone.

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