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Thread: Transferring iRp files in android on a PC

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    Question Transferring iRp files in android on a PC

    Yes, but there is no "" menu anywhere. Using an Android emulator on a PC, I even tried dragging the irealPro file (html file) onto the screen,and that would not "open" the file either. I see no "import file" option anywhere, only a list of previously-made IRP files, and my own playlists, and the option to create new playlists, etc., but no simple, ordinary "open" command whereby I can open an IRP html file created on my Android, which is now sitting on my desktop, waiting to be opened.
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    I would like to know the answer to that question also.

    I am using an Android, created a song there from scratch, saved it, shared it in IRP format to my e-mail account, downloaded that html file, saved it to my PC desktop, opened the emulator running IRP on the PC in Windows, but still cannot find any means of "importing" that file or even "opening" it. IRP seems to require the user to open only what he has on his original device where the file was created, and only if it appears somewhere in a playlist or list of "recently viewed" files. How in the world am I supposed to open the file on the targe device??
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    Hello, my friends.

    You said, "2. Open the email on the Mac. Import the playlists you desire. Or, (one at a time) IPAD, playlist. Share. Email (to self), open on Mac, import, repeat with next..."

    For me, the question is HOW to import that file. I have no problem exporting, sharing, e-mailing, etc., My question is how the heck to open the exported file, such as an html file created as IRP format, to go from one device to another. The only options that I see are to create a new playlist, open an existing playlist, etc.
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    As I understand it, the android app running in an emulator on a PC is happiest when it can keep everything within the android environment.

    So, download an email app from the Google play store from within the emulator on your PC.
    Use an email account from WITHIN THE ANDROID APP in the emulator to send and receive iRp files.
    If you want to use the forums in a full-screen browser, you will need to download an android compatible browser from the Google play store while using the android emulator on your PC.

    There may be some info you can use in this thread:

    Good luck

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    your emulator might have a preference or setting or configuration program to set up a shared folder to be used to transfer files to and from each of the two environments. After it is set up, you can move the iReal Pro file into there in your PC environment, then see it in Android environment also.

    or you could set up your email address within Android (for example, download Gmail app) and email yourself the iReal Pro files. From this email, you might be able to tap it to import or might have to save it to Drive or elsewhere in the (virtual) SD card first, then tap to import from there. (You may need a file manager app to be able to navigate to it to find it, if you saved to the SD card.)

    You can post the songs into the forum sandbox, then use the android browser to import.
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