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Thread: Details: how use operators to search the forums

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    Default Details: how use operators to search the forums

    I am super annoyed by the forum search function. I have no idea how to find out what the operators are. It does not follow Google conventions. What am I missing?

    From what I can tell, it just always defaults to OR. So when I search for

    Impossible Arlen

    It returns all the instances of posts with the word impossible OR the word alren. (And the song was not there, although I probably missed it it in the large mass of answers, even limiting the search to the Jazz forum.)

    I tried using quotes to enact an exact phrase and that had no effect.

    I tried using operators in capital letters (AND) and that had no effect.

    It always searches using the OR operator.

    I tried to search this forum for
    to find answers to this question and the search said it found too many responses to list. So I could not even search this forum for specifics. This happens FREQUENTLY.

    I also noticed that the results change dramatically depending on if you add a space after your search term, especially with composers since people sometimes use a dash with no spaces (which means searching for one composer with a space at the end will not produce all hits since there is no functioning WILD CARD operator, typically *. So you have to do two searches, one with a space at the end and another without, but you will still miss any posts where the author did not put spaces between multiple composers.)

    So I am asking:
    What are the standard operators to search the forums?
    Is there a "wild card" operator?

    And YES I read all the "how to search" posts but was not able to find this specific information.

    Can anyone help?!?


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    Try experimenting with Google search operators in a standard Google search (in your browser) but also include this search-term:

    There's a tune titled "Impossible" by Steve Allen in this playlist:
    Nat King Cole version

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    Thanks for the suggestions, but I tried that earlier and it made no difference. I will try again tomorrow to be certain when I have time.

    I am having problems generally lately with Google Search so they may have "adjusted" their algorithms again. I can't even find a page with the song lyrics using Google search and multiple variables, attempts, and operators.

    Regardless, the iRealPro search should not only apply the OR operator. That's pretty useless.

    The Arlen song I'm looking for is called You're Impossible. It was written in 1963 with lyrics by Dory Previn (Langdon).

    It seems impossible to find!

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    A library near you may have (or could get) a copy of Harold Arlen Rediscovered. 199 pages
    It may contain the score for You're Impossible

    Could this be an instrumental version?

    No luck on lyrics... I did find an image of the cover of the sheet music.
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    That was an amazing suggestion!

    I am not so far from UCLA and so I can check their sheet music archive, and Worldcat says the public library has a copy so I'll work it out! Thanks so much!

    I have been doing some experimenting with the Google search with much more success. I'll create a post with my findings on this thread in a day or so.


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    I'll also look forward to a new chart in the jazz forum (and maybe lyrics too...)
    Pending of course, your successful quest.
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