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Thread: Bolivia - Cedar Walton

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    Default Bolivia - Cedar Walton

    This version incorporates the ostinato bass line and rhythms in the original.

    Cons: The limitations of iReal Pro prevent the bass notes from being indicated in the correct octaves and do not allow eighth-note syncopations. For the closest sound, play along with the ostinato on the piano.

    If I have a chance, I'll write out another version in which the G7 section plays with a swing bass line during the solos.

    Bolivia-Rev JE - Cedar Walton

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    Hey man. Thanks for the track.

    I'm not so thrown off by the bass, but the G7 vamp chords are so plain and without character that it kinda kills the rest of the very excellent track. Could I convince you to go back and add some color to the chords? Thanks.

    Jim Beaux.


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