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    Default Levels inconsistent

    I am having trouble getting consistent instrument levels across the different styles for example the same electric bass is much louder on some of the blues styles than on a swing style although the mixer settings have not changed. This makes it very difficult to play as I need to adjust the instrument levels quite often when I play the next song. My question is this is there a way to "normalize" the instrument levels between styles so I can move through 30 or so songs without making adjustments in ireal mixer. I just use bass and drum tracks.

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    Sorry there is no 'normalize' as you suggest.
    When we created the blues styles, the volumes were compared across different styles. Where there is more bass, it is because we thought the style would benefit from this.
    Perhaps you could give us some examples of comparisons and we can take another look at this, but unfortunately we cannot promise anything at this stage.


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