Jerry Goldsmith (1929–2004) was a leading of music for film and television of the last half of the last century. His accomplishments are too numerous to list here and may be easily found ( Among the notable movies he scored was the 1966 Steve McQueen film "The Sand Pebbles." Lyrics were added to the love theme from this film by Leslie Bricusse and the song was titled "And We Were Lovers." The song was recorded by many singers of the era and was a hit for the English singer Mat Monro. Although little known today, this beautiful song is another song of the 1960s that was popular at the time and is undeservedly forgotten.

The song is in standard ABAC form with each section being eight measures long. The B section is notable in its temporary shift to the bVII key. Otherwise, it is an example of the use of ii–V–I progressions.

Important performances are from the soundtrack ( catch the photos of a young and luminous Candice Bergen) and Mat Monro ( My chord chart uses ideas from the Monro performance.

I have incorporated a vamp into and outro into my chart. I play it with the Latin–Brazil: Bossa Acoustic style at 110 bpm. Please give this tune a try. You will be well rewarded!

And We Were Lovers - Goldsmith