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Thread: French Renaissance Dance Music - Pierre Attaingnant

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    Hi toilage!
    Thank you very much for these tracks!
    I like this music this music very much, especially Attaingnant...
    just a question: what accompaniment style do you use for them?
    Thank you again.

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    Default Hi Cronban !

    Hi Cronban, thanks for your interest ! I apply the common BPM for the dances, as Basse Dance 50 - 55, Tourdion 69 - 76, Pavane around 50, Gaillarde 63 - 69, Branle Simple et Double 112 -122, and Branle Gay not to fast, 80 - 88. I choose Latin-Cuba Bolero between 120 and 145 for Basse Dance (or Jazz slow swing) . Latin Bossa fits well with binary Branles. Equalization allows you to listen drums or bass, according to your wish. I try different accompaniment, but I think that Latin one is close to 1547's spirit. I'm posting other dances soon. Sincerely yours

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    Default Branle Simple 17

    It sounds like a war calling : four voices walking at the same pace. Branle Simple 17 - Attaingnant

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    Default Branle Simple 18

    Simple song, but simplest things are the most hard to reach, I could say in french, "à atteindre". Branle Simple 18 Que l'amour cause de peines - Attaingnant

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    Default Basse Dance 19

    A beautiful bunch of melodies. The "dessus" or "superius" or "soprano" (all the same) , after opening and ascending Dm dorian scale, develops its self path beyond notes. Basse Dance 19 - Attaingnant

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    Default Branle 20 L'espoir que j'ay

    Very simple, almost a sketch of music, ending in Bb. Branle Simple 20 L' espoir que j' ay - Attaingnant

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    Default Branle Simple 21

    Insisting minor third, and the typical rythmical pattern called anapaest, i.e. short short long. A very dynamic one, and an occasion to say that the stress of Branle music should be marked on the second measure, not on the first. All the book is made on the dialog between up and down, "levé" et "posé" fr. You understand why fiddles and bows are relevant for dancing music. Branle Simple 21 - Attaingnant

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    Default Branle Gay 22 Mari, Je songeois l'aultre jour

    Perhaps this piece fits well with the former one. A wonderful, powerful music, adapted from a "maumariée", "bad-married" song."Husband, I thought somedays...that I wanted to see you dead". Branle Gay 22 Mari je songeois l' aultre jour - Attaingnant

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    Default Branle Gay 23

    After the sad words, this tune is a happy song, as we say in french "guilleret". A high sounding tune, because even bass is written in treble key. Branle Gay 23 - Attaingnant

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    Default Branle Double 24

    Such tunes are like children's games, simple to catch, but hard to play with a keen mind. Branle Double 24 - Attaingnant


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