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Thread: PC or LINUX version (or suitable hack)?

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    Default PC or LINUX version (or suitable hack)?


    I am not an owner of a cell phone... refuse to have one... refuse to own a TV, either.

    So, that puts me in the MAC or iPad category. I have neither of those, as well.

    But, I am an avid PC person with several laptops. Is there a suitable "hack" available for getting iReal Pro to work on a PC. Is there available an Android emulator?

    Is a PC version in the works?

    Thank you kindly!!


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    A quick search would have located these discussions:

    Please remember to search before starting new threads.

    Also read this


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    From user 'pacharanero':
    I have just managed to get iRealPro working nicely on Linux, using Anbox which is a container runtime of Android (not the same as a virtual machine - it runs MUCH faster)

    After installing Anbox I used the script in this tutorial to install the Google Play Store

    Once that is installed, you sign in to the Play Store and download iRealPro essentially using the normal fashion (ie needs to be paid for as per usual)

    You can drag the edge of the screen to resize it, and there are also some ADB commands to change resolution/pixel density of your screen and the size of your screen according to necessity, which you might want to experiment with. So far it's fast and scales to full screen on my HiDPI Dell XPS15 laptop to the size where you can easily read chord charts (lettering of chord symbols around 10mm high, good enough for drunk people in a poorly lit pub!)

    All the features, eg forum download of Playlists, and sound playback appear to work fully.

    You now have iRealPro working on Linux with a decent keyboard and display (unlike trying to use a tablet)

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    Maybe easiest: Install the Android Studio from Google. It makes it easy to create and configure virtual android devices. Just create your tablet and install iRealPro.

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