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Thread: Feature requests

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    Hi guys! Thanks again for all your amazing work. As a pro musician I use iRealBook constantly for both reading through changes of jazz tunes and inputting songs for various cover bands and original projects. In fact I often have to let people know that I'm not text messaging during their rehearsal but creating charts for their songs! Also my iPhone sitting on my keyboard is much more incognito than a music stand and standlight on stage. Anyway, I would love it if you would add a P for pre-chorus under Symbols. I have to use A or D which can be confusing especially if I want to post the song to the forum. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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    Default Pre-chorus

    Quote Originally Posted by pianojuggler View Post
    ... I would love it if you would add a P for pre-chorus under Symbols. I have to use A or D which can be confusing especially if I want to post the song to the forum.
    Hi Pianojuggler, thank you for your comments. Glad you like the app. We do too!
    You might have already figured out this, but you can use Staff text for any words you need to input at a specific beat and use the up arrows to raise the text above a measure.
    An example is here:
    P Demo by Unknown Composer

    Click on beat 1 of measure 2 and look at Text.

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    Thanks! I hadn't realized that text could be moved up. That's going to very usefull! Still I think that adding a "P" for pre-chorus as white text in the small black box (like the other letters under "symbols") would look a little slicker and seems like an easy add. Thanks for this amazing app and for being so responsive to these posts!

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    Default Support for dropbox

    It would be a nice feature to support dropbox for getting tunes to/from the mac. I currently use dropbox to get pdfs onto my ipad.

    Dropbox gives 2G of space for free - which should be more than enough for moving irb charts.

    API is available here

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    First off: Hi everybody.

    Second: Thanks for this marvelleous app!
    I have already seen the iReal Book before it got the player option and always thought "hm, not bad, really...". Now that it got the player, purchasing it was an absolute no-brainer! Seriously, in those 1-2 weeks it already became one of my most used apps.

    Anyway (and of course, that's why I'm posting here...), I have a few feature requests.
    I'm really sorry if some (or maybe all?) have been mentioned in this thread already, but it's a bit much to read through all the posts...

    So, here goes my little list.

    1) Styles

    - More styles, please. Yeah, obviously, I also want some more, I know this has been requested often already and I'm absolutely positive that the developers are on it. Basically, I miss a handful of straight 8th note styles (suitable for rock, soul, etc.) and a bunch of 16th note styles (suitable for funky stuff and the likes).

    - Variations of existing styles. I'm sorry to say so, but sometimes I feel the existing styles are a little too busy. This is especially true for the piano comping and the drums. I really wish there was an option to switch to some rather rudimentary style, such as, say, half or full note piano comping, a simple 8th note cymbal/hat and not much else. Would let me concentrate a little more on what I'm doing. And I'd like to see some drum styles not using cymbals.
    In addition, it'd perhaps be nice to have like, say, 3 (or so) main variations of the styles, such as, say, "less busy", "normal" and "busy".

    - Some songs more or less require certain accents (or even stops) to be present. It'd be quite nice if those could be somehow implemeted. Maybe not in the iOS interface (might become too busy to find your way around it) but in the editor(s) only.

    - A style editor? That'd be tremendous, seriously!

    2) Sounds and stuff

    - I really wish I could change the players sounds at least a little. Such as switching the piano to an electric (rhodes-alike) piano, the bass to some electric fingered bass. And well, I'd also like a little tighter drumset.

    - Audio input. Well, might not be of too much use to many people, but as a guitar player, I defenitely wish there was an option to connect my guitar straight to iReal Book (I already own Peaveys excellent Amplink LiNK interface). Of course it'd be even better if there was something like a really simple amp simulator, possibly just offering one clean and one overdriven channel with some basic gain/EQ section, plus maybe a little bit of reverb and delay.

    - Alternatively (because the above mentioned should really only make sense to guitarists and bassists), it could be sufficient to make iRealBook fully "background compatible". As said, I already use Peaveys Amplink - this is along with the software. It's amazingly CPU efficient, so I could imagine iRB would run along fine with it. Hm, could as well be a problem of the Amplink app, which may not allow other audio apps to run in the backgriund... a word of the developers about whom is respnsible would be very nice, because if it was up to Peavey, I'd ask them to add full multitasking/background support.

    - Export as MIDI file has already been mentioned, AFAIK. It could as well be nice to export things as MP3 and automatically add it to your iPod library - one could possibly overcome the limitations mentioned above that way.

    3) Handling

    - It would be really nice if one wouldn't need a net connection to transfer files back and forth to and from your computer. For instance, photos of the sheets could possibly just be added to the photo album, files from the computer could possibly just be transferred via drag and drop (such as possible with various file reading apps already).
    I'm in foreign countries rather often, so online access sometimes simply isn't given or too expensive. But I'd still like to transfer files from and to my computer.

    Ok, guess that was it for now. Thanks for reading and thanks for this great app!


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    Default Music XML export? is this feature possible?

    i love this app! it has only gotten better since i first downloaded it a few years ago. every single upgrade has made this an extremely light, formidable piece of software and it has made my professional life flourish. probably the only really good reason i have to get an ipad.

    i understand there must be at least a few reasons why adding a melody staff would be impossible (mobile size, legal probs with existing copyrighted charts, etc.). however, i find that making chord charts in finale is a pain in the coda and making chord charts in irealbook is incredibly easy!

    if only i could export my form and chord notation into a music xml application i could get some serious work done on my mobile hardware. i haven't seen any music xml support questions on the forums... this upgrade would make my irealbook a hardcore taking care of music business machine.

    does music xml support chord notation? not sure, but just checking it out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sascha Franck View Post
    ...but I'd really like to sort of "renew" my request for an audio input option.
    Hi Sascha,
    We are working on more styles so it will be a while before we are able to consider this idea. We would also have to work with hardware options for signal input so will take some time to develop. We review all the threads from time to time as we are developing ideas so will review your request in the future.
    And if you have other ideas, just post them. Thanks again.

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    Default Anticipation ties

    Very impressed with the app and I've found it most useful. It's a request-killer!

    Been poking round the forums for a bit, and thought I'd contribute some charts, fill in the blanks. Much as I suppose many people do - if I need a chart enough to enter it into iRB, I'll share it.

    I think most issues in a fakebook-style presentation can be worked around with the iRB system, but I'd like to request the ability to enter a nice big friendly anticipation tie. Perhaps this could be coded as a special dumb character placed in the previous beat?

    Needn't affect playback, just for visual convenience.

    Oh - one more thing. I notice someone was requesting classical "charts". How about a new forum category devoted to that? I'd be happy to get the ball rolling (as time permits) if you do.

    Best, J

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    Default feature request

    Hi, this is my first post here, I am having a great time with iReal book, thanks for a great software!

    I am playing a lot of balkan music and I have a request, to be able to insert more odd time signatures, like 11/8, 7/16 etc, and to be able to group the time like (for instance, 7/8 = 3+4 or 4+3) I have tried all styles in 7/8 and they all group the timing 4+3. It would be possible to group them my self if it was possible to insert 3/8 and 4/8 time signatures. However it would be easier the first way.

    Cheers / Ulrik

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    Quote Originally Posted by ullebulle View Post be able to insert more odd time signatures, like 11/8, 7/16 etc, and to be able to group the time like (for instance, 7/8 = 3+4 or 4+3)
    Hello Ulrik,
    the only thing I can think of right now would be (for instance) using 3/4 and 4/4 for a 7/4 feel, selecting a rhythm of 'even 8ths' (so it kind of translates to 7/8.) It is not at all what you would want, but might work close enough for some practice in timing. I had a play around with this idea and either had to reduce the drums or bass down so it did not interfere with the feel I was wanting.
    Obviously mixing 7/8 with 3/16 or odd ones like that would be more difficult!
    Also you could try style Jazz>12 Jazz practice just as a beat marker.
    We are aware that our 7/8 needs both 3 then 4, 4 then 3 options.

    When we add new time signatures, we would have to work out rhythms for existing styles (where we can) as each rhythm is carefully crafted, but just simple backing would be all you require I would think. We might some day be able to create a separate style pack with odd time signatures.

    Currently there is no user defined rhythm input available. We may work on this in the future. At this time we are concentrating on expanding the existing style pack range.

    Thanks for your ideas. We appreciate them.

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