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Thread: Feature requests

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    Default Feature requests

    Dear Users,
    With so many suggestions, we have decided to give feature requests its own forum.
    From now on, please post new suggestions or join discussion about existing ones here: Feature requests

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    Default Rhythms

    How about a way to indicate chord rhythms if needed. Just saw the post for Goldfinger and know that right now the chord rhythm can't be notated. Larry

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    Default Re: Rhythms

    This would indeed be a great feature, to have some simple notation for rhythms etc. either above or below stave.
    (Although, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't know the syncopated motif of Goldfinger!)

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    Default Suggestions

    As an admirer and now devoted user of this wonderful app, I would like to offer some observations on features or improvements to this app.

    1. Custom Chord Qualities.

    2. Multirest: A bar style [ ------- ] multirest would be useful in addition to the repeat marks .//.

    2. On the 'Alternate Chords' section, would be wonderful to add random numbers or text. i.e. to denote number of tacet bars or add expression marks.

    3."Fill" Text - to add to end of bars.

    4. Resize: Horizontal Spacers or stave resize option would be useful (especially for long chord extentions).

    5. More rehearsal marks.

    6. Direct upload to iPhone via server, software or iTunes as opposed to the current email functionality.

    (I have already emailed developer with a few of these requests, just a record for this forum.)

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    Default suggestion to add name of FIRST NOTE in melody

    Some extra info on each tune would be really helpful , particularly the FIRST note in the melody etc,

    As an example, here is a snippet of a handy web site which holds such info on many jazz songs. Might give you an idea. Buf for me, knowing which note is the first in the tune is the most important. Make it clear to see too. :



    start note includes pickup; first chord does not
    NRB = New Real Book: vol, page
    RB5 = Real Book, Fifth Edition
    RB = "Real Book" (A, B, C ... are not actual designations; your page numbers may vary)
    UJ = "Ultimate Jazz Fake Book" (Hal Leonard)
    JA = "Jamey Abersold: vol, track

    Title style key start first NRB RB5 RB UJ JA note chord

    A beautiful friendship swing C E C 53
    Alfie's Theme swing Bbm F Bbm B 4


    I would also add a new info item to this: namely the Number of the corresponding "Hal Leanard Jazz Playalong" Volume and track since these are now substabtial and useful as well. ( they have benefits for live performance since they oftren have LESS choruses for solos , plus contain a melody track to learn the tunes )

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    Just to add - here is the link to the web site in question, might speed things up for you

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    I've just realized that I could
    use "rename playlist" and "copy playlist" functions. I have a trio playlist that will need to to copied and revised for duo arrangements, that will require renaming the original list and copying it and making the changes.

    Maybe this function is already available and I haven't figured out how to do it?

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    I just fiddled around and figured out how to rename, but not copy playlists. So I guess I'm only half
    an idiot [so at that rate it's a pretty good day for me! ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy_Allen View Post
    ... but not copy playlists.
    You cannot copy playlists within iReal Book. It is on the todo list for a future update.
    You might be able to Send your Playlist to yourself, pick up your email, click on the Playlist name, and irb will ask if you want to add it to your library. It should be renamed (with an appended 1 after it). You can rename it in Edit mode by tapping on the name in Playlist listings.

    If for some reason it does not work with the appended 1, then you can do this:

    There are two workarounds depending if you have the Mac editor or the Web editor. Basically you email the playlist from your iPhone/iPod touch to yourself on your computer and use whichever editor to change the Playlist name, then you email it back to yourself and pick up the email on your iPhone/iPod.

    Here are the instructions (iReal book v2.5)
    Prepare your playlist in iReal book, in Playlist list, tap on the playlist you have made so the titles of the songs show, Tap on Send button (bottom right), Tap on "To other iPhone/iPod" and address an email address to yourself that you can pick up on your computer.

    then on either Mac Editor or Web editor
    for Mac Editor v0.5.1
    Either make sure Mac editor is not open, or close any open Playlists (otherwise the imported Playlist songs will be added to the current Playlist you have open.)
    Click on the Playlist name in your Macs email application and the Mac editor will open with the songs and Playlist in the Playlist drawer.
    Rename the Playlist name and press Return.
    Click on Playlist to device button.
    Email to yourself at an address you pick up on your iPhone/iPod touch.
    When the email arrives, Tap on the HTML attachment, then the Playlist name. iReal Book should open with the same songs but different Playlist name.

    for Web Editor, currently v1.1
    Get your email on your computer, right click (on a Mac*, control-click if necessary) and Copy Link (or Copy Link Location).
    Open your web browser and load up our Web editor**, Paste into the Import box and press the Import button.
    Just below the Import box is the Playlist name, Rename it. Press Enter (Return.)
    In the Email box the original Playlist name should have changed.
    Copy the 2 line contents of the Email box to an email to yourself that you can pick up on your iPhone/iPod touch. Tap on the new Playlist name in your email when it arrives. iReal Book should open with the same songs but different Playlist name.

    Some older Macintosh OS do not run Mac editor. You use the Web editor for editing and preparing charts. Use the right-click button if your mouse has one (and System Preferences are programmed to use it) or Control-click.


    [this applies to the versions mentioned. For future versions the procedure could change. If you are having problems, post a query to us in our Support forum. Copying Playlists directly inside iReal Book is planned in a future version, rendering this procedure redundant.]
    Last edited by dflat; 02-25-2010 at 01:42 PM. Reason: Added quick way via email and auto appending 1

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    Given that iRealBook and BIAB both operate primarily on the chord based structure, and that iRB handles the iPhone/Pad arena beautifully, it would be wonderful to be able to export songs to BIAB. Thus achieving the midi file format that many have asked about. It seems to me to be an extension on the model.

    On another note, I love this app, and would have bought the iPod if iRealBook was the only app available. I'll be buying the iPad for the same reason. (Here in Australia, it's not yet available.) I was looking for a reason to buy the iPad. iRealBook has given me that reason. Every working or rehearsing, jazz or pop muso needs this app.

    The lack of a melody line is a plus for old musos like me. The quick glancing through the lists, then onto the tunes. We're supposed to know the melodies anyway. If I don't, that's a great reason to listen to the originals or look at the sheet copy. For newer players, what a great resource for having the basics in front of them, anywhere.

    Thanks again for the best app on the iPod!

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