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Thread: We are the world - Michael Jackson-Lionel Richie

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    Default We are the world - Michael Jackson-Lionel Richie

    Anybody got the above song coded? I was surprised that I couldn't find it in the forum.
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    Thanks, sorry for putting it in the wrong forum. Seems like no win request for the moment, which is rather surprising....

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    “U.S.A. for Africa - Single” version


    We Are the World - Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie

    I remember I saw the awesome recording scene video where Ray Charles intensively JUMPED and SHOUTED while reading with his fingers on the braille lyrics sheet on a stand. Touching.
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    Thank you for sharing the video link:
    "We are the World 1985 (the story behind the song)"

    I found the great song and tens of great singers toward one direction with the highest energy yielded overwhelming, massive power...


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