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Thread: ireal 8.2.2 Fails to download from App Store

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    Default ireal 8.2.2 Fails to download from App Store

    ireal 8.2.2 Fails to download from App Store.
    Tells me to get from purchases.
    Same result ----- Please fix!

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    now working thanks;-)

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    Since upgrading to OSX 10.13.3 the previous iReal (8.2.1) version will no longer launch. I was given an error message to delete iReal application and re-install. I followed the instructions and installed from App Store purchases. Unfortunately this leaves me with a version of iReal Pro, which although it works, has lost all my songs (some originals) except for the 60-odd songs which come with the software.
    Does anyone know where to look on my Time Machine to find the missing songs. (in Applications/iReal/Contents folder? or elsewhere?)

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    Please contact us directly.
    You said in your previous post that you could update it to 8.2.2.
    Why do you want to open the previous version?

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