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Thread: Cmaj7add9 ???

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    Default Cmaj7add9 ???

    How can I enter a Cmaj7add9?
    I can't find ∆7add9...

    Thx, Johan

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    Use CΔ9. = C,E,G,B,D / 1,3,5,7,9

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    Thanks, but why isn"t C∆7add9 not listed along all others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johand View Post
    Thanks, but why isn"t C∆7add9 not listed along all others?
    The qualities/extensions listed in the editor's chord menu are the ones that are recognized by the player.

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    I don't understand why C∆7#11 is recognized by the player and C∆7add9 not. Maybe I just know too little of Jazz chords or music theory to understand.
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    As you probably know, there are often many ways to write a chord symbol. This is why the chord quality menu is provided where you can choose the one you want and the player will know what you mean and be able to play its voicings. Although you can type in what you want, if it cannot match it up with one of the recognised chords, it will not know what to do to play it back. We had to decide which ones to allow or not.
    Cmaj7add9 is not as commonly used as using Cmaj9; the latter takes up less room within the measure, leaving room for other chords to be added if necessary (or a barline next to it). Its notes are the same aurally.

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