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Thread: The Twelfth (12th) of Never - Jerry Livingston-Paul Francis Webster (Request)

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    Default The Twelfth (12th) of Never - Jerry Livingston-Paul Francis Webster (Request)

    Does anyone have the off for this Jihnny Mathis song?

    "The Twelfth of Never"
    Performed by Johnny Mathis
    Was Composed by Jerry Livingston-Paul Francis Webster
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    "The Twelfth of Never" with music (sort of) by Jerry Livingston and lyrics by Paul Francis Webster was a hit for Johnny Mathis in 1957. The A sections are taken from "The Riddle Song," an Anglo-American folksong. It has an unconventional form: ABA' but is otherwise harmonically unremarkable. Its melody and lyrics have an undeniable beauty and simplicity.

    The chord chart that follows is derived from the Mathis performance and is more complicated than the sheet music. It does well in the Jazz-Ballad Even style at 84 bpm, the tempo of the Mathis performance. It is meant to be played through once, as on the recording.

    Twelfth of Never, The - Livingston
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