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    Default User Manual ?

    An online manual is fine too.
    iReal Pro seems to have to many features, especially symbols to be put on the chord chart. An explanation of each of these would be very helpful.
    I am new to iRealPro, really like it and want to use it to its full capabilities.

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    There is a detailed tutorial inside the app in Settings/Tutorial/Sharing
    or just touch the "?" in the circle at the top of any chart and explore what's there.
    In OSX look under: Help/Tutorials and Help/Help & Support.

    Also online at

    Before you post, review the "sticky" threads here:
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    More helpful info:

    If you can't find an answer after searching keyword(s) in the Forum, just post your question in one of the support forums. Answers you receive from members there will help others as well.

    As updates to the app have included more features, the learning curve has increased.
    You will learn how it works. It’s a process.

    To experiment with existing songs, select Edit>Duplicate, that way the original chart in your library will remain unchanged.

    You can use the sandbox for testing and temporary personal list sharing.

    For help with a chart, POST your problem chart (in the song forums) along with your question, that makes it easier for members to help. Only post charts directly from your app in iRp format so they can be downloaded from the forums into the app and opened in the iRp editor. Don’t post charts as an image file, attachment or link to drive, Dropbox etc.

    See you on the Forums,
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