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    Default Functional Forums Search

    The forums search feature is all but useless because it is absurdly complicated and time consuming to use:

    -Results show up in threads that cannot be found by navigation
    -Why in gods name is there a Captcha for a basic text search? And it messes up a lot.
    -The number of options is ridiculous
    -Basic searches often yield too many results to display
    -The search is basically completely unusable on mobile, which is where it's needed most

    Are there plans to make the search function usable? I've spent like 20 minutes trying to find a specific song and can't even get the search to work. This is ridiculous.

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    The built-in Google site search seems to work fine most of the time for me.
    Sometimes my iPad's auto-correct function isn't helpful. I have to remember to catch it.

    I usually prefer searching in the "full site" rather than the mobile version.
    There's a link to the full-site at the bottom of the mobile page.

    Watcha lookin' for?

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