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Thread: Repeat Signs and jumps

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    Question Repeat Signs and jumps

    I am not sure if this is the right place for this, but I couldn't find a better place....

    How do you make Ireal Pro to make jumps and repeats that doesn't start from the beginning (like Dal segno poi coda or anything similar, meaning going back to point A, play till pont B and jump to Coda for example).
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    Review these

    If your issue persists, post your chart here with a clear description of what you want. That way your chart can be easily edited.
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    Default Perdere l'amore - Massimo Ranieri

    I am trying to share the Perdere L'amore in order to solve a jump issue. I need the player on repetition (D.C.) to start after the intro (2 bars) play the 1v. Then go to Fine/Coda

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    I am not sure how to share the song from my device (Android). Please advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrumpetNick75 View Post
    I am not sure how to share the song from my device (Android). Please advice.
    From your chart touch the "?" at the top of the page. > Tutorials > Sharing
    Follow the example.

    Touch the chart, icons appear
    Select the share icon - top right <
    Share chord chart
    Post to Forums (that loads the song code in your clipboard)

    Go to the forums, find this thread, select REPLY, type your message, PASTE the songcode, "post quick reply" or "save"


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    Default Massimo Ranieri - Perdere l'amore

    Now that I have figured it out how to post a song (that's first attempt to create a IRP song) I can't figure it out how to make the player to skip the 1st 2 bars (intro)on repetition (D.C.) play to the 1 Volta And jump to the Fine / Coda. Any ideas?

    Perdere L'amore - Massimo Ranieri
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    Does this play how you like?

    Perdere L'amore 1 - Massimo Ranieri

    Be sure to review these threads:

    Chart Layout Conventions

    This also

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    Hi there,

    I noticed that I got confused with repetitions and order, because I was listening to Andrea Guiffredi rendition (trumpet) which was somewhat shorter than the original. In the process I got to see how thing are basically working wit repetition and jumps. I don't know if this will be the final product

    Perdere L'amore 2 - Massimo Ranieri

    The main issue is, that I had to re-input section C after the 2nd volta because I couldn't find a way to make the player go directly to section C after the 2nd Volta, than continue to the coda/ending modulation in D major. If there is anyway to do it, let me know. But your input was helpful, though after that I had to give up on using the Coda procedure.
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    Here's a way to only write the C one time.

    Perdere L'amore 2 - Massimo Ranieri

    It only works correctly when the player is set to 1x.

    There are interesting ideas about dealing with repeating sections here:

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    Thank, Bob. That works exactly like I want it, though it looks rather complicated, I would have never came up on my own with something like this. It is definetly a keeoer.


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