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Thread: Love Dance - Ivan Lins-Vitor Martins

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    Default Love Dance - Ivan Lins-Vitor Martins

    Hello, this is my first post here.

    I've always liked Ivan Lins' song 'Love Dance'. Most people know it from George Benson (Prod : Quincy Jones) or from the real book.

    I prefer Lins' chords on this song, and I have a 'Love Songs' compil by him with rather nicer chromatic chord movements for this song.
    Here's my version, based on Lins' chords. It's in E-natural, and - of course, transposable.


    Love Dance (156ii) - Ivan Lins - Vitor Martins
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    Please remember to correctly set the chart's key (in the editor) to match the chords in the chart.

    Helpful information:

    Chart Layout Conventions

    This version is from here:

    Love Dance - Ivan Lins

    Thank you for starting the discussion thread for this lovely song
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    Love Dance (Lembranca) - Ivan Lins (George Benson)

    Source track: George Benson album "Give me the night" -


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