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Thread: TEACHERS LOUNGE - Music Instruction and iReal pro

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    Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for!!

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    Need some help finding/keeping the beat?
    Some great practice tips here:

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    Default Ear Training and iReal pro

    Ear Training and iReal pro

    Listening to a YouTube track while following an iRp chart that's an accurate transcription is helpful.
    Finding a chart that actually matches a random youtube is a challenge.

    Try this:

    Search the forums for “source track” to find some excellent transcriptions of specific YouTube’s.

    (Thank you CyrilleB and others)


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    Quote Originally Posted by fchautems View Post
    La javanaise - version revisitée - Serge Gainsbourg

    Lien vers mon Tutoriel Youtube
    Excellent use of iReal pro chart.

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    Whole Tone Practice.

    In case you don't know, there's only two whole tone scales, since you are either starting on C or C#.

    Whole Tone Scale - Augmented - Brian Streckfus

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    A few more teaching songs I made.

    Three songs with slower moving chord changes.

    Digging into Chords 1 - Brian Streckfus

    Digging into Chords 2 - Brian Streckfus

    Digging into Chords 3 - Brian Streckfus

    Then a couple of more difficult songs that work on the diminished scales (Whole Half Scale) and chords. The whole half scale in these two songs is:
    C C# D# E F# G A A# C
    Which to my ears, works throughout the whole song.

    It was a fun experience because it lead to bizarre chords progressions rather quickly.

    Whole Half - Diminished - Unknown Composer

    Whole Half - Diminished 2 - Unknown Composer
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    Default internal time challenges exercise

    Be sure to turn off the drums. Looping sections is recommended.Use modulation and feel free to change the chords. Do a variety of tempos.
    ------------ Internal Time Challenge #1 - o
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    Don't post a playlist as the songs in a Realbook if the changes aren't from the book.
    If you do transcribe changes from a book put it in the title RB1, RB2, GGB, Sher, etc

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    Default Burn-out

    Music Students or new to iReal pro?

    As you study the details and “rules” of musical form or find that iReal pro needs more attention to “structure” than you may be used to, it can be overwhelming and you may feel the onset of burnt-out.

    You may even consider dropping out of music altogether.

    If that should happen, take a breath, go back and listen to your favorite recordings, make music with your friends, do anything you can to remind yourself why
    you loved music before you started studying it.

    An education in music can be a very good thing, but it can also squeeze the life out of any love you ever had for it.

    Don't let it.


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