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Thread: Alice in Chains songs

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    Default Alice in Chains songs

    Alice In Chains (6)

    1. Rooster - Jerry Cantrell
    2. Nutshell - Stayley, Cantrell, Inez, Kinney
    3. Them Bones - Cantrell
    4. Down In A Hole - Cantrell
    5. Man In The Box - Stayley, Cantrell
    6. No Excuses - Cantrell

    Here's a few for all the grunge fans. ;-)

    (Guitarists, detune to Eb standard and change the key up by one semitone for easier changes)

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    thank you for the list. I still love AIC so much & their songs are fun to play acoustic or heavy

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    Just what I needed today! Thank you for sharing!

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