I have adjusted the settings to simulate a metronome (drums only, change drums to click, set Click 1 and Click 2 to the same thing). At this point I think I have two requests

1) It would be nice if the tap-in tempo function performed a running average of the taps to calculate the average tempo that was being tapped. It occasionally seems that it might be doing this, but then just one faster tap will make the tempo jump dramatically.

2) It'd also be nice to be able to turn of the extra beats. By setting the time signature to 2/4 I can eliminate half, and by setting the click to 2 and 4 I can reduce them again although they would happen at the wrong time. t would be nice to see a 1 & 3 option, or a 1 only option so we could get a single metronome click without screwing around with the chart. Maybe I'm missing something? Maybe setting Click 2 to None (which isn't available of course) would do this?