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Thread: Rolling Stones songs

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    Default Rolling Stones songs

    These are two Rolling Stones playlists with songs I used to perform (live with band) - one is unverified, meaning stuff I put together hastily or got somewhere (some from forums) and never checked thoroughly, the other is "done" (structure verified as per recordings).
    I preferred playability to readability because I used them to study, so they might not really be beautiful charts to look at...
    Have fun! (I know I did)

    Rolling Stones (11)

    Individual songs:
    Love Is Strong - Jagger-Richards
    Midnight Rambler - Jagger-Richards
    Jumpin' Jack Flash 1 [verify] - Jagger-Richards
    Get Off Of My Cloud TODO - Jagger-Richards
    Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jagger-Richards
    Loving Cup - Jagger-Richards
    Sister Morphine - Jagger-Richards-Faithfull
    Jumpin' Jack Flash [verify] - Jagger-Richards
    Salt Of The Earth - Jagger-Richards
    Satisfaction TODO - Jagger-Richards
    Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) - Jagger-Richards

    Rolling Stones [done] (33)

    Individual songs:
    Rocks Off - Jagger-Richards
    Let's Spend The Night Together - Jagger-Richards
    Start Me Up - Jagger-Richards
    Black Limousine - Jagger-Richards
    Wild Horses [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Brown Sugar - Jagger-Richards
    Sympathy For The Devil - Jagger-Richards
    Let It Bleed - Jagger-Richards
    Let's Spend The Night Together [Still Life] - Jagger-Richards
    Dead Flowers - Jagger-Richards
    Doom And Gloom - Jagger-Richards
    Don't Stop - Jagger-Richards
    Miss You - Jagger-Richards
    Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) - Jagger-Richards
    Under My Thumb - Jagger-Richards
    Shine A Light [Stripped] - Jagger-Richards
    Happy [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Paint It Black - Jagger-Richards
    Sway [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Bitch [RS] - Jagger-Richards
    Street Fighting Man [Stripped] - Jagger-Richards
    Streets Of Love - Jagger-Richards
    It's Only Rock 'n' Roll - Jagger-Richards
    Sweet Virginia - Jagger-Richards
    Tumbling Dice - Jagger-Richards
    You Can't Always Get What You Want - Jagger-Richards
    Gimme Shelter - Jagger-Richards
    Already Over Me - Jagger-Richards
    Beast Of Burden - Jagger-Richards
    You Got Me Rocking - Jagger-Richards
    Honky Tonk Women - Jagger-Richards
    Angie - Jagger-Richards
    Respectable - Jagger-Richards
    Live freely. Respect the planet.

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    Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones

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    Gimme Shelter - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    Honky Tonk Women - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    Sympathy For The Devil - Jagger-Richards (Rolling Stones)

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    Angie - Jagger-Richards (The Rolling Stones)
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    If anyone is interested in studying mandolin on-line with Matt Flinner, please head over to

    Flinner Rolling Stones Jam (10)

    Individual songs:
    19th Nervous Breakdown - Flinner - Jaeger, Richards
    Dead Flowers - Flinner - Jagger, Richards
    Jumpin' Jack Flash - Flinner - Jagger, Richards
    Loving Cup - Flinner - Jagger, Richards
    Moonlight Mile - Flinner - Jagger, Richards
    Paint It Black - Flinner - Jagger, Richards
    Last Time - Flinner, The - Jagger, Richards
    Time Is On My Side - Flinner - Norman Meade
    Wild Horses - Flinner - Jagger, Richards
    You Can't Always Get What You Want - Flinner - Jagger, Richards
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    Default R.I.P. Charlie Watts

    R.I.P. Charles Robert Watts (2 June 1941 24 August 2021) He was an English musician who achieved international fame as the drummer of the Rolling Stones from 1963 until his death in 2021.



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