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Thread: Is it possible/practical to run iReal pro on a Chromebook?

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    Default Is it possible/practical to run iReal pro on a Chromebook?


    Has anyone tried running iRealB on a Chromebook that supports Android apps?
    If so, what was your experience like?
    Is it practical to use a Chromebook on the bandstand for displaying chord charts?


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    I use it on an Acer R11. It is both possible and practical. The only difficulty I had is to make it import the html backup file (to import my song). The android apps do not have direct access to the chrome os filesystem. I had to use ES File manager to access the html file, then to "open in another app" to make it accessible to iReal pro.

    The other problem is that in "tablet mode", the hardware fullscreen key is not accessible. So either you put in fullscreen before going to tablet mode, or you stay in normal mode. I think both issues are meant to be corrected by google in the future (but dunno when...).

    Apart from this two issues (which are note specific to ireal pro), it works pretty well.

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    Default iReal on Chromebook?

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if iReal will work on a Chromebook.

    It generally uses the same apps from the Google Store that my android phone uses, but is it the same case with iReal?


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