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Thread: More enharmonic flexibility

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    Default More enharmonic flexibility

    Hello. I know enharmonics has been much discussed in the past, but can I ask simply for more control over these options please? Whilst it's true that some musicians may never want to see an Fb chord in their life,it's an undeniable fact that in some songs, transposed to certain keys, it is the _correct_ harmonic spelling. As a bass player, if I'm in the key of Ab, Fb and E mean very different things to me harmonically, and have different implications.
    I'm currently working on a tune in Ab, and I'm shocked (and a bit insulted!) that the iRB simply doesn't permit me to use an Fb chord, whatever the circumstances. Even if I type it in manually, it refuses to recognise Fb as a root note.
    Please - I don't want everyone to have to struggle with Fb and B# etc if they don't want to - but please give us a manual override so we can use them. Sometimes they are the correct notes for the context, and having alternative 'simpler' options is unhelpful and actually harder to read.
    Thanks, Simon

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    Default Fb, Bbb and so on

    Hi Guys,
    really nice app u made! I have the pro Version and really like it.
    How can I write Fbmaj7 or Bbbmin7 like in the key of Gbmin?
    Greets, Paenkie
    If its not possible, could you please implement it?
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    I also would love to be able to see correct harmonic spellings. Is it possible to implement this?

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    I would personally prefer using the key of F# minor instead of Gb minor. However there are instances where B#, E#, Fb and Cb might be needed for those looking for logical harmonic spelling.
    One other issue that bothers me is when using the transpose function on slash chords, spelling such as E/Ab or Bb/G# doesn't make any sense to me. Hope this could be improved.

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    Default Chords notes E# B# Cb Fb

    I cant type many chords with this notes, for example:

    Key F#-. I can't type dominant C#/E# (C#/F is not correct)

    Key Gb, fourth grade Cb (not B)

    Key G#- I can't type dominant bass third D#/F## (D#/G is not correct)

    This things are very importants to learn a good music grammar.
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    I agree in principle but I would like it to be configurable. For example, I would like to be able to set my most sharp chord to be G# so I never see a D# or A# chord. Similarly I would like to be able to set my most flat chord to be Gb, though that seems to be what happens at the moment.
    This would help us sax players who are always transposed and would also make the "practice" feature with transposition much more useful, to me at least!

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    Default Option to use common chord names when transposing

    It would be nice if, when transposing for wind players, to not have various D sharp, C flat, and other weird chord names. I am aware that this can be fixed through meticulously going through the editor and making it so the transposition uses B7 instead of Cb, but it would be cool if there was an option that does that automatically.


    PS this app is awesome!
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    Default I can't type C#/E#

    I can't type C#/E#, I have to type C#/F and this is incorrect. The same with other chords, a lot of problems with E# B#Fb Cb. Also double flats and sharps....��
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    Thank you for your explanations. We hope to add in more enharmonic options in the future.

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