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Thread: Random key and chords for practice

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    GREAT !!!!!!

    I totally missed that wonderful feature

    Thanks a lot Bob !!

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    Default Random keys in Practice mode

    In Practice mode, you can set an interval for the next repetition of the song or excercise. To make the excercise slightly harder, a 'random' button would be perfect. That way you wouldn't know beforehand in which key the next repetition of the song will be.
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    Default Random key selection

    I think a great ear training and practice tool would be to have a random selection that would cycle through all 12 keys

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    Quote Originally Posted by xraydog View Post
    I think a great ear training and practice tool would be to have a random selection that would cycle through all 12 keys
    +1 for me!

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    Ditto, please, randomized would be great!

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    Default Random Key

    When practising with my students, I like the feature "increasing the key each time the chorus is played". I would also like "random key" feature (for example random new key and transpose the sheet after each chorus). This could be good for ear training and variability practicing.

    Thank You for considering this
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    Cool idea.

    Another one for "improvisation training" is a Random Chord Program ...where the User sets the Duration usually 1 to 4 Bars of the ' Mystery Chord' and ANY CHORD may play for that time.

    The Player does not attempt to identify the Chord ( though he could )..but the actual idea is to Play and start on any Note and resolve to a Chord Tone or Extension in Real Time...
    Then after another Bar or Two- new chord etc.

    Resolution of Phrases to chord tones and extensions is the Basis of all Improvising .

    With the Random Chord Generator - the Player could either Identify the Chord and Play ( also good for ear training )
    OR walk the tightrope and just start playing chromatically and other ways till He lands on a chord tone or just 'play what he hears' nearly instantaneously- the Mind always generates 'good' notes.

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    Default Automatic transposition with random intervals

    I am missing an automatic transposition where the interval is chosen randomly.

    And for that feature it would be really nice when the chords at bar 1..n are shown in the new key before they are played. (I think, this is generally useful)

    Last but not least, what do you think about an option to make the transition one or two measures earlier?

    BTW: I like the automatic transposition very much and I am using it extensively! Thanks!

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    Default Random chords practice

    I'd like to practice chord extensions and scales with user-selectable randomly sequenced chords. Say 2 per measure, all 12 keys, minor chords. After playing one iteration, press a button and they randomize again. Use the principle to also combine chord types for example, min, maj, dom. Etc. with random ii-V-I progressions, etc.
    It would be an electronic version of flashcards but with chord backing.
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    Default Random qualities, random transposition

    Forgive me, I’ve only this hour purchased the app, so I’m still bussed out and overjoyed, but at the same time a little disappointed that transposition can not occur at random intervals. Also, say I wanted to practice ii-V7-I, it would be brill for iReal to randomly choose the chord quality, as well as transpose at random intervals e.g iib5-V7b9-IM7, then transpose and ii7-V7#9b13-i6 etc.

    Make it so captain������
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