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Thread: Question about "medium shuffle"

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    Default Question about "medium shuffle"

    Hi I'm new here. I am putting in the chords to "Alright, Okay, You win" but I don't see the option to play it back as a 'medium shuffle'. Using 'medium swing' instead. Any help here?

    Also, how do you edit the title of the tune?


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    Available player styles

    There are at least 27 "jazz", 8 "Latin", and 12 "pop" styles
    One of the "pop" styles is labeled "shuffle"
    All of the styles are tempo-adjustable.

    Currently, the styles available are the only ones, um, available...

    Some styles change their "feel" between sections labeled A and B
    Some play one style for the first and final form repeats, a different style for any repeats in between.

    Remember, the player feature was originally designed as a practice tool.

    I understand there may be additional styles in development.

    Share your opinion in the Feature Request survey


    12 Blues Styles Available
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    Quote Originally Posted by DryMartinin View Post
    Also, how do you edit the title of the tune?

    The title, default key and style suggestion are set/edited on the "info" page in the editor.
    Look for the " i ".

    This chart uses pop-shuffle, @120, Rhodes2 4.5, Electric Bass 10, drums 9, reverb 4.5.
    (The "medium" tempo of 100 felt too slow (to me) in this style)

    Note the change in feel between A and B. You could re-label the whole song as either an A section or as a B section if you prefer.

    Alright Ok You Win 2

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