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Thread: Sarai - Moonjam (Fail)

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    Default Sarai - Moonjam (Fail)

    Hello everyone.

    Any ideas how I create a backing track that would sound just i little bit like the original recording?

    Sarai - Moonjam

    My goal is to play the Alto sax part as in the recording.. but with a backing track . And when i try to create a backing track with chords it sounds more like a Jazz standard..

    I have also tried to seperate the tracks with the app: "Moises" but it's not possible to remove the sax part without the rest gets muted ALOT.

    What would you guys do? Or is Ireal Pro mostly for Standard Jazz melodies?


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    Your attempt to post a song chart was not successful.

    Helpful information:

    Please review the guidelines for posting charts:

    For help with a chart, POST YOUR CHART so it can be opened in the app.

    The iRp player can only play ONE style at a time (your choice of the more than 60 available styles)
    The youtube starts with one style and then plays another style. The iRp player cannot be set to automatically change tempo or styles during play.

    For the start of the song, I’d try jazz-long notes and a choir voice.
    Later, maybe pop-Rock. About 50 bpm, and use the mixer feature to select different voices and adjust instrument volumes. I'd turn both the reverb and the drums up!

    Experiment. iRp was never intended to copy existing performances exactly.

    Using the Mixer, changing instruments

    Experiment.... and share your iRp chart here.


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    Thanks a lot.. didnít know all that was possible with a daw.. will look into it 😀


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