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Thread: Chord type request: minor add9

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    This is now available in the latest iReal Pro beta version for Android.

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    Hi, I'm also often bothered by missing chords.
    Today, these are chords already mentionned previously in this thread: the minor 13 (minor 3rd, minor 7th, major 13th) and (minor 3rd, minor 7th, minor 13th).
    Isn't it possible to let the user introduce their chords manually when they don't fall into the library ?

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    The iRp player is programmed to play only the chords in its extensive chord menu plus (if desired) added designated bass notes by using "slash" chords. The chord-menu is opened by selecting the icon next to the chord entry field.

    Chords not recognized by the iRp player can be entered and will be printed on the chart for use by (reading) musicians.
    The iRp player will, in that case only sound the specified root note for the unrecognized chord.

    Many users choose to select the "best" recognized chord from the menu (for the iRp player) and then enter their "preferred" chord as an alternate chord (for the reader). Some will instead enter just the unrecognized extension/quality using text below the player-chord.

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    The minor 3rd, minor 7th, minor 13th chord can easily be played using a Ab(add9)/C (for a Cm7b13). For the Cm13, The closest sound would be using a EbMa7(#11)/C. The minor 13th chord is commonly used in jazz and I hope it will be added soon in the future!

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