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Thread: Chi Chi - Charlie Parker

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    Default Chi Chi - Charlie Parker

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    Posted in a visitor message by Bescond

    Bonjour Kabass,
    Merci pour la grille de Chi-chi. Je l’ai améliorée car il s’agit d’un «*Sueden blues*» donc les box 2 et 3 forment un II-V mineur en F : Gm7b5/C7 - Fm7/Bb7.
    G Bescond.
    Instead of merely suggesting corrections, it's best to post your edited chart. That saves everyone a lot of duplicated effort.
    We can then easily download your (edited) chart and compare both charts side by side and with the player.

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    Default Chi Chi Charlie Parker

    Chi Chi 1 - Charlie Parker
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    Please review the guidelines for posting charts:

    Thanks for sharing


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