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Thread: How to get started in jazz?

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    Lightbulb How to get started in jazz?

    I am not very up to speed with jazz changes, modes etc and am guessing the exercises would be a good way of becoming more competant. It would be very helpful if there was some more infornation about how and why the exercises are there eg some of the mode exercises have names like Miles is that a Dorian scale based on Miles Davis "so what" or something different.

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    If you are a pianist, get a copy of The Jazz Piano Book by Mark Levine from Sher Publishing. For other instrumentalists, consult The Jazz Theory Book by the same author. These are both great resources for jazz theory and have examples, but not the exercises that you might desire. Do a web search for your instrument and modal exercises; I quickly found for sax players. There are loads of resources for guitarists. Take a look at Good luck on your progress!

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    Hi Mathewjg,

    I would start with the Jamey Aebersold Vol1. [/B]Intro to Improvisation.
    This volume deals with the 3 chord types Maj, Min7th, and Dom7th (Ionian,Dorian and Mixolydian)
    It deals exclusively with all the Diatonic Modes/Scales for the Major Scale. It has Tons of Information.
    I bought it decades ago, and have not regretted doing do.


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