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Thread: Sweet Jazz Blues - Exercise without a Dom7 as the 1 chord

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    Default Sweet Jazz Blues - Exercise without a Dom7 as the 1 chord

    Sweet Jazz Blues - Jazz Blues without a Dom7 as the 1 chord. I couldn't find a blues on the forums that didn't have the 1 chord as a Dom7.

    After I posted this the first time I realised there was an error. I had forgotten to change one of the C7 chords. Now fixed. As I said before, I couldn't figure out how to change the G-7 C7 to sound like a real G-7 F#7 tritone shift. If anybody knows how, feel free to post a version 2 of this.

    Sweet jazz blues - Unknown Composer

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    The tritone-sub in the last line is the V's.
    I added the /G just to sweeten it (like the title says...)

    Sweet jazz blues 1 - Exercise

    I just re-read your post.
    To get to the IV through the I's tritone, try this:

    Sweet jazz blues 2 - Exercise

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