I've seen a couple of posts about this but I'm still very confused. I have a Bb trumpet part with chord changes already transposed. These are the chords I want to enter in iRealpro so I can play along, but I can't figure out how to tell the app that they're Bb chords and they should be played accordingly (as if the rhythm section had their own transposed chords that would match mine).

I've tried setting the key to Bb in the song. But then the chords play as written, ie a tone above me (playing in C when I'm playing in Bb). I've tried using the transposition option for wind instruments, but then all the chords changed according to the new key (what was an E chord is now displayed as an F# chord) and it became really confusing, not to mention I still didn't manage to make it play the way I wanted.

I checked the help and the tutorials, but still cannot figure it out. Any help with this would be much appreciated. I cannot use the app at all otherwise. Thank you.